Guadalupe Oak Grove Park

Monday, December 15, 2008


The cut face on quarried sandstone reads CLINT WHY? Dec. 15 1993.
Exactly 15 years after that date, I find myself in Guadalupe Oak Grove Park staring at this rock. Why was I here that day, when I have neglected the park for so long? I find birding elsewhere more rewarding and seldom bird here anymore. It's cold and brisk today and the long green grass is in stark contrast to the brown hills of a valley in a year long drought. It rained yesterday and I find birds here and there. Dark eyed Juncos among White and Golden crowned Sparrows foraging on the ground. Ruby crowned Kinglet's are chattering throughout the park, announcing their presence. The Red tailed Hawk pair is still here and I find a beautiful Red breasted Sapsucker snug against an oak tree trunk, drilling for sap. A Downy and Nuttall's Woodpecker share a limb and a few Western Bluebirds fly overhead. Acorn Woodpeckers seem to be everywhere giving their raucous calls.

But no one is here for Clint. I only know he was a teenager found hanging from a tree limb by park rangers fifteen years ago today. I don't even know his full name. Friends used to gather at the rock with candles on the anniversary of his death. I'm sure he's not forgotten, not my me, not by his family or his friends. Rest in peace Clint.

Janna Pauser


Blogger Michael said...

Something to add to your collection of inhabitants of Guadalupe Oak Grove Park -- On Sunday April 26, 2009 I was coming down West side of Trail III -- When I saw Sprawled out laying in the middle of the path was a Mountain Lion -- I got within 50 foot or so when I saw it -- It Looked at me - stood up on all fours then sat back down on its haunches -- Of course I froze not knowing what was about to happen -- Then it Flopped back over on its side to enjoyed the sun. I took this opportunity to back track and go the other way - when I arrived at home I called Fish & Game just to let them know I spotted a Mountain Lion in the park. Michael

May 4, 2009 at 5:11 PM  

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