Guadalupe Oak Grove Park

Friday, May 04, 2007

Yellow-breasted Chat

A little rain last night made a trip to Guadalupe Oak Grove Park a must this morning. It was a work day and I had to make this quick. As I walked back to my car after walking the trail, I heard a bird making a variety of calls. I gave some loud whistles, which surprisingly the bird mimicked, and further piqued my curiosity. I peered up into the tree and found a Yellow-breasted Chat!!
This unique bird was easily recognizable: a very large warbler with a vivid yellow throat and breast, is as bold and brash as local birds get. It flew off into the poison oak and peered out at me from an open area on the ground. Again I got a great look at this uncommon and normally elusive bird. I rushed home to post it on South Bay Birds, so that others may see it before it left. Later that afternoon I returned to the park and found several birders looking for the chat. Eventually, all got satisfying looks at the chat in a rare appearance at GOG. Apparently the bird left that night and was not seen again.

(Yellow-breasted Chat photo by Peter LaTourrette)