Guadalupe Oak Grove Park

Friday, February 17, 2006

Golden Eagles

I have an exciting addition for my bird species list. Today is the seventh time I've seen Golden Eagles in Guadalupe Oak Grove Park. They nest about 10 miles away near Calero Reservoir.

2-9-06 Today's Golden Eagle flew into Guadalupe Oak Grove Park and perched on the ridge. It gave a loud, harsh chirping call from its perch. I watched it fly with deep, slow wing beats, hunting along the hillside before flying off to the north.

At the top of the stairs I flushed a adult Merlin from its tree top perch. Two Red-tailed Hawks were calling and performing a courtship display with talons extended. An adult Red-shouldered Hawk was calling from the woods where they are often seen and heard. Then a male American Kestrel flew by clutching its prey.

Also seen today were three Western Bluebirds along the ridge. I have seen them during the winter months feeding on Mistletoe and perched on tree tops.


2-11-2006 I arrived at 12:30 today just in time to see two Golden Eagles!! An adult flew in and maneuvered like a much smaller bird, capturing it's prey on the ground. I watched from a short distance, amazed at the agility of this huge bird. It sat on the ground clasping its prey, then flew off and joined another Golden Eagle flying along the ridge. I walked to the Vargas pass and saw them circling in the distance with two Turkey Vultures. Soon they returned and I noticed one eagle was a juvenile with white wing patches and tail band. I feel privileged to see these magnificent birds in the park.