Guadalupe Oak Grove Park

Sunday, May 08, 2005


The bird that's eluded me for years was found today, mothers day, in Guadalupe Oak Grove Park. Between showers I stopped at the park and found a Swainsons Thrush. It seemed to be as curious about me as I was about it. An Anna's Hummingbird was taking apart an old nest, perhaps construction another. A bright yellow bird in the tree canopy caught my eye, a beautiful male Wilson's Warbler. Western Bluebirds were finding insects near the parking lot. Chestnut backed Chickadee, Oak Titmouse, and White breasted Nuthatch fledglings were seen begging for food along the wooded trail and throughout the park. Several days ago I found a Bewicks Wren pair attending their brood nesting in a small log on the ground. Eight singing Warbling Vireos were seen or heard and many Black headed Grosbeaks were singing from the oak trees on that day. Bullocks and Hooded Orioles seen with one Yellow rumped Warbler that seemed to be left behind.

On the Quarry trail today I found a Great Horned Owl in a sandstone cut near the stairs. On the west side of the park I sighted an Olive sided Flycatcher perched atop the tallest oak tree. A pair of Western Tanagers and Bluebirds were found here again today.

The spring rains have yet to cease but breeding birds are thriving. All this rain seems to have increased the number of insects substantially. We're hoping the Ash throated Flycatcher will find a mate and return to the same nest box for the fourth consecutive year. He's been calling for two weeks now. Lee will soon be able to post the fledgling totals which should be significant. Janna